When you join a program like Revolution Hawaii there isn’t much to prepare you for all that God is going to do in your life, or any way to express what He did do once it happens. It’s a journey that only the ones who travel it can truly understand. There is a lot of stepping, falling, and getting back up that happens in the course of the year long program but it’s impossible to briefly describe them all so I’ll share with you the most important message God taught me during this journey.

I was in a pretty bad place with my walk with God before I came to Revolution Hawaii. I had forgotten about what it was like to experience Gods love because I had pushed Him so far away. I went from being surrounded by many Christians to a home full of unbelievers and being alone while all my friends were earning a college degree. I didn’t understand what path God had me on and I certainly didn’t trust that God had a plan for me. Even though I was still attending church, I wasn’t “feeling” his presence and I most definitely wasn’t following His commandments. I indulged in a sin I thought I would never commit which pulled me even further away from God because I no longer felt like I deserved His grace. As I was feeling lost and insecure about where I was in life my friend Andrew Frees told me about Revolution Hawaii. As soon as I heard about it God filled me with so much peace and joy, I knew it was what I was supposed to do next!

            When I came to Revolution Hawaii, I wasn’t prepared for the long stretching experience God had planned for me. We dove straight into reading scripture, praying, and doing community outreaches. I began to feel Gods love again through His word, prayer, my teammates, and believe it or not, the people we were reaching out to. I’m not saying this experience was always easy. Living with 9 other girls and being constantly busy brought on a lot of exhaustion and taught me how to be a servant even when I didn’t want to be. As time went by I started to believe that God really could use me also. My ministry at the High School really started to prosper as well as our community outreaches in China town and the Bush in Waianae. I started seeing people get healed, prophecy, and countless answers to prayer being done by God through me! How cool! I meditated on the fact that just a few short months ago I had turned away from God and now, not only had He forgiven me, He was using me to do His work. God is so full of mercy!

            There were so many things I learned and things that God did in my time here in Revolution Hawaii, but I truly can’t sum it up in one testimony. God did so much, but it all stemmed from Him reminding me of His love and teaching me the grace He has for his children. I’ve learned how much He truly cares for me and now I’m able to show His love and mercy to others!