The Salvation Army opened fire in the Marshall Islands in 1985 and quickly spread throughout Micronesia to the islands of Pohnpei, Chuuk, Kosrae, Saipan and Guam. Although breathtakingly beautiful, these island nations are desperately in need of the good news of Jesus. Poverty is rampant. Hopelessness and despair abound. The need is great and the workers are few.

We’re looking for new heroes who are ready to step up and make an eternal difference for the kingdom of God. This short 3 month mission is offered three times a year, in October, February and June. We will prepare and send you out to begin living with, loving and serving the poor, hurting, lost and marginalized - just like Jesus.

Applicants must have completed the Essentials or 365 program, for the purpose of training and equipping, to be eligible for deployment.